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Update from HELO

As of today, there are 20 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Haiti, although only 218 tests have been administered.  As everywhere, there is a shortage of test kits and most people can't afford to go to the hospital even if test kits were available.  In Haiti, if you don't have cash in hand, you won't receive medical care.  The good news is that there are no confirmed cases in the south, the region where HELO is located. Our staff and nurse remain vigilant and we continue to take every precaution possible.  

Thanks to our amazing donors, our front gate has been repaired.  This will allow staff to control who enters and exists the property, thereby protecting our children.  Our nurse continues to search for medical supplies and reports both shortages and soaring prices on supplies and food.  Because most of Haiti's supplies are imported, shortages will soon be severe due to her borders being closed.  Thankfully, HELO's food staples for April had already been purchased and are on site.  Daily trips for meat, fresh fruit and veggies supplement those food staples, but so far we've been able to find the food we need.  We are blessed to have talented young people at HELO -- Ronaldo is a gifted gardener and both he and Berlin enjoy raising animals.  We should be able to provide sufficient fruit, vegetables, eggs and poultry to our children.  

Technicians have been out to evaluate our well, and we wait for a mechanic to repair our vehicle.  I will continue to keep you informed on the situation at HELO and in Haiti.  If you are able to help with any of our on-going needs arising out of this pandemic, please visit the "News and Events" page.  From all of us at HELO, thank you for helping at such a difficult time for us all.  We all pray for your health and wellbeing.   Please stay safe.


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