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Click to donate through Network for Good.


make payable to HELO, Inc.

and mail to P.O. Box 290407

Wethersfield, CT  06129

Sponsors receive a photograph with brief biography about their sponsored child, as well as periodic updates and notes or drawings from the child. 


(automatic sponsorship of $115 per month)

$115 monthly sponsorship

or $1,380 per year


Your contribution will be used to purchase food.



Your contribution will be used toward teachers’ salaries or school books.



Your contribution will be used to purchase chalk, notebooks, pencils, etc. for the children.



Your contribution will be used for new clothes and shoes for the children.



Your contribution will be used toward our ultimate goal of buying land and building homes and schools.



Your contribution will be used toward a vehicle capable transporting the children.


Sheep $60 each, Goats $60 each, Chicken or Roosters $15 each, and Rabbits $15 each.


(automatic sponsorship of $57.50 per month)

$57.5 monthly sponsorship

or $690 per year

100% of your donation goes to support HELO's children.


Partner with HELO, Inc. for a life changing trip to Haiti to work with orphaned and abandoned children in HELO’s three homes and school in Laborde, Haiti.

HELO offers various opportunities to travel to Haiti to visit HELO. Groups have taken part in building projects, teaching, sports activities, and many other ways. Working hand in hand with Haitian laborers or teachers, interacting with HELO’s staff and beautiful children can be life changing. Participants are also provided a glimpse of the beauty of Haiti, visiting local beaches, gardens, or waterfalls. As HELO is located in Laborde, participants see much of the southern coast of Haiti as they travel from Port au Prince to les Cayes. Accommodations are provided at the Kennedy home, where hospitality is outstanding and food safely and deliciously prepared for teams. Dormitory style bedrooms, flush toilets and showers are provided, as well as wifi.


The HELO Haiti trip, meeting all of the wonderful, joyful and loving children was the best experience of my life. I love each and every one of the kids and what you have done for them has really inspired me. I can’t wait for next year’s trip! -- Bella Newman, Trevor School

I knew this trip would change me, break me and put me back together, but never could I have imagined the impact. Even with all the damage, Haiti is still somehow a beautiful place and the people are so loving and grateful. They have all made me a stronger person. Every child at HELO has touched my heart and it is almost impossible to go through my day without a picture of them in my head. I cannot wait to literally have them all in my arms again. This experience is the most amazing one I have ever known and it is just the beginning of my journey with Haiti. Thank you everyone on the HELO team, the Beaucejour family, for making me the way I am today -- a better and stronger person.  You have all touched my life forever. -- Kim Mead, Marist College

The Woodstock Academy trip to Haiti shifted my list of favorite countries. Haiti is the most wonderful country that is full of hope, joy, and love. It was completely different from what I had been hearing for 17 years. Especially filled with joy and the best part of my trips, was the HELO orphanage. Every single kid at HELO is surprisingly bright, warm, and loving. They always greet people with kisses and hugs. By the end of the trip, all the team members were exhausted from doing activities like arts and crafts, soccer, singing, and hide and seek. I will never forget the beautiful smiles of each child and their soft voices asking “pote’m” (which means hug or pick me up). Waking up every day listening to chickens, goats, and mosquitoes will also stay in my heart, as it is reminder of the beauty of the countryside and of the country’s people. I am hoping that I can go back again soon and I will be looking forward to it.

-- SangJoo Kim, Woodstock Academy


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