An Evening of Hope 2020

Our annual gala, virtually!

Due to COVID-19 and our concern for the health and wellbeing of our friends and supporters, we have cancelled the venue for our annual gala and will instead hold An Evening of Hope virtually. 


Please join us on Saturday, October 3, 2020 from 6 pm to 8 pm on Facebook Live @HeloHaiti for what promises to be a fun and exciting virtual event.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone worldwide.  At HELO, COVID-19 restrictions have drastically limited our fundraising opportunities while the cost of living skyrockets in Haiti due to inflation, limited import/exports due to the pandemic, and damaging tropical storms.  Will you help us feed the children of HELO and keep our programs going?  100% of your donations go to support the children of HELO.  Every donation is tax deductible and so greatly appreciated!

What a Night!

May 31 was Mother's Day in Haiti.  Some of our children organized a concert and asked me to share it with their sponsors and our donors via Zoom.  While there were a few glitches, we were able to share their concert, and it was AMAZING!   


The children shared their gratitude to everyone for "all the love, all the support, for everything."   The singing was beautiful, the children were beautiful, they decorated and had special lighting.  For those who missed it, we share the link to an abbreviated video. Enjoy.  May their voices fill you with hope and love, and we hope you feel their gratitude and ours. 


A special thank you to Andy Stein and the Orphaned Starfish Foundation for bringing internet to HELO and contributing in so many ways to a brighter future for our children (and children throughout the world). 


If you would like to support our music program, please click below.  

Our Frontline Worker

We would like to introduce you to Guerda, our nurse on staff at HELO, who continues to put herself on the frontline to provide care to our children.  She is very dedicated and cares deeply about the children.  She travels from les Cayes to Laborde three times a week to check on the children and take care of their health needs.  She purchases medications, bandages, and necessary supplies.  When needed, she takes them to the doctor, hospital or dentist.  If a child does need to go to the hospital, Guerda is their advocate to ensure they receive proper care and are not taken advantage of.  We are so blessed to have Guerda on staff.

This week we received the news that our ministry partner will no longer be able to fund Guerda's salary.  This is very bad news, especially with the looming health crisis.  We very much want to keep Guerda on staff and provide regular healthcare to our children.  We must, therefore, raise the funds for her salary and ask for your help.

In a country of 11 million, there are less than 1000 doctors in Haiti.  Nurses are primary care givers, and Guerda is a blessing to our children and keeps them for visiting the hospital for routine health issues.  She is our "front line worker" and we appreciate and value her so much.  

Will you help?  No gift is too small and is very much appreciated.

COVID-19 Update


We pray for our world in the midst of this health crisis, but especially pray for the children and staff at HELO, and all of our friends in Haiti.  Unlike America, people in Haiti cannot run out and buy food for a month or two.  Without refrigeration, most people go out daily to buy food.  Without running water, most people go out every day or two to buy water.  Worse, in a country of over 11 million, there are only 124 ICU beds and 62 ventilators.  Shortages of oxygen are an every day problem in hospitals in Haiti.   Although the population is young (about 5% over age 65), fatalities could still be high as over two million are in the vulnerable group due to diabetes, high blood pressure, tuberculosis and asthma. 


With this stark reality, we have spent this week developing a strategy to keep the children and staff safely tucked away on campus and for isolating anyone who should become sick.  Our children are very fortunate to have access to medical care -- we have a nurse on staff who teleconferences with a team of doctors here in the United States.  Sadly, our nurse is at high risk due to hypertension and high blood sugar, so we must protect her with safety eye wear, gloves and masks.  We have sent funds to buy supplies (masks, gloves, tylenol) but there will be an on-going need should people start to get sick.    

Another challenge is water.  Someone must continue to go out to buy water -- potable (safe drinking water) and water for hand washing at least once a week.  Urgent repairs are needed to our well, as well as our front gate to control who comes onto the property.  Repairing our vehicle will both help make trips to buy water, but is a necessity if we should need to transport someone to the hospital or treatment center.


Our strategy is in place and we will continue to do our best to protect our children and staff.  If you are able to help with any of our urgent or on-going needs arising out of this pandemic, please click below. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping at such a difficult time for us all. Please be safe, we all pray for your health and wellbeing.