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  • Elisabeth Kennedy

Civil Unrest in Haiti

As you may have read or seen in the media, Haiti is in the midst of protests and civil unrest. I want to assure you that everyone at HELO is okay. While road blocks have made shopping for food difficult, our house parents are strategic and do not take any risks.

A scheduled day of protest over rising inflation and government corruption has continued and escalated over the last nine days. What you see on the news is not the whole story. Haiti's people are not violent. These protests continue because they are desperate to be heard and understood. The value of Haiti's currency has declined drastically this year, and because so many goods are imported, merchants cannot afford to purchase them, or they are forced to mark up their prices to make a profit and stay in business. Can you imagine going to the store and finding half the food that is typically available? Or none at all? Can you imagine your money being so devalued that your salary will no longer buy enough food for yourself or your family?

This painting has been distributed widely in Haiti and around the world via social media. It is telling of what our friends in Haiti are enduring. "Nou bouke" means we are tired. Tired of greed and governmental corruption, tired of basic needs being treated as privileges, tired of gas shortages and blackouts. Hungry not just for food but for justice.

I do not offer solutions, but ask for prayer. Please join our prayers for our family and friends and our beloved Ayiti. If you would like to help us meet our rising budget due to skyrocketing food prices as well as do our best to help our neighbors and friends during this crisis, please click the link below.

I sincerely thank you for your support and especially for your prayers. Bondye beni ou, God bless you.

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